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That is a great idea skippy.
Here is a test post

This is a test post for project ara!

Get your clone on

Introducing mission cloning! Now you can copy previous mission designs to get a head-start, instead of doing things from scratch. Conveniently located on the “specs” page in the “setup” area, clone a past mission at the click of a button (just look for the sheep!). You’re welcome.

Hey world, we need your help!

dScout is looking to run a project around user/digital experience and we want to know what YOU are curious about. From apps to web services to the ways our digital and non-digital lives intersect, we want to hear what interests you!

Ready for the awesome part? dScout will turn our favorite idea (we didn’t say this was objective) into an actual project that we’ll design and run! If your idea is picked you’ll get access to all the project data and a dScout account loaded with 25 credits. Yay!

Now about those ideas…

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Guides Posted

Just like Sacagawea with Lewis and Clark, dScout is here to guide you through the unknown landscape of mobile research! Get it, GUIDE you? Aaaanyway, dScout now has handy guides to help you with everything from designing your first mission to recruiting to motivating your scouts. Make sure to check in from time to time as we are planning on adding to the collection. If you have any guides ideas let us know ( Thanks!

Group Think

Been looking for a way to view snippets from multiple missions at the same time? Now you can! To get grouping, click “add group” on the left side of your dashboard. Then if you look at your missions there is a handy drop down menu that allows you to place missions into that group. One thing to note, only the account owner or admins can create groups.

Android Lovin’

After much ado, we’re happy to show our Android love with dScout now available in the Android marketplace. With both Android and iPhone apps in your arsenal, there’s little standing between you and dScout domination.

At your service

Buffets, soda machines, parking meters and dScout, what do all these things have in common? They’re all self-service! Announcing the launch of, the self-service edition. Now loaded with tours and info, you can sign up, design and launch missions all from the comfort of your computer. I guess you don’t really even need us anymore…sigh. Of course we’re always here if you need help, are interested in more support with your missions like recruiting or analysis or just want to say hi. We’d like that.

dScout + EPIC = warm fuzzies

We are happy to announce our partnership with EPIC, a Chicago-based non-profit that helps connect non-profits in need of good design with designers in need of doing good. Needless to say, we are thrilled to be a part of the upcoming EPIC rallies and using dScout for the powers of good!

For more info on epic: